Friday, May 8, 2009

Muffins for Mom

Okay - I am going to try this blog thing again. SO, here we go...................I went to Adam's school this morning for Muffins for Mom. When we got there - they showed a video of each child telling why they loved their mother. I just might have been the sweetes thing I have ever seen. Adam said he loves me because "she is my best friend and she swings me". SO SWEET - after the video the kids came in and sang a couple songs & then it was time for Muffins and juice. I had so much fun!

Me & sweet Adam!

I was trying to get a picture of Adam & Molly - but Molly was not cooperating!

Friday, April 18, 2008

This Week......

has been kind of crazy yet fun. The crazy part was Adam's surgery on his ears and adenoids- we had to be at the hospital at 5:30 in the morning and of course I did not sleep a wink the night before because I was nervous about him being put to sleep - that anesthesia stuff scares me a little. Long story short - he did great and is feeling much better. They suggested him have Popsicles for a few days because his throat would be sore from having his adenoids taken that wasn't a very difficult task. This was the fun part - I think between the three children, they ate a whole box of Popsicles!!!
Here is Kate after about 5 Popsicles!!!
Molly hanging out with Abbie!
A little soccer fun after Daddy gets home from work! The weather has been beautiful - so after naps, we stay outside and play until dark.
And then nothing like some good ol' swingin' & pickin'..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We went to Callaway Gardens with Eric's family a few weeks ago - While I was playing Hide & Seek with the other children, Molly & Will (my nephew) decided to get an early start on the cooler! I just had to take a picture : )

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hope you all had a Happy Easter .... ours was happy indeed, but pretty low-key. This was probably the first Easter we have spent without any extended family. Easter is such a busy weekend for Eric (with work) and I did not feel like traveling to SC by myself with all three children - SO needless to say the 5 of us just hung out here. We did miss seeing family - but we had fun. We got some good ol' KFC after church - it was delicious!

So I bought these Easter dresses for the girls and had sweet little white shoes for them to wear that just completed their Easter outfits. Well - Kate had a better idea and wanted to wear her "pink sparkly cindarella shoes". I have learned to pick my battles and this was not one of them. I will have to say....... she recieved dozens of compliments at church - she was so proud! : )
I had to quickly take this picture of the pretty eggs we decorated this afternoon because about 5 seconds after this was taken - the eggs were cracked, broken and demolished. Adam & Kate decided they wanted to eat them!
Easter 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Snow Bunnies!!

Well - about a month ago we went out west to visit my sister (Mary Catherine) in Aspen. She is working out there as a ski instructor so Eric and I thought this would be a great time to introduce Adam & Kate to Skiing. The whole Norman clan went except for little Molly and Walker ( Warren & Chrissi's youngest son). Molly stayed with her great-grandmother "Mimi" and had fun spending some time with her. It snowed just about every day in Aspen - so we were skiing in powder - it was great! We put Adam, Kate & Ren (warren's oldest son) in ski school for a couple of days so they could learn how to ski. They did so good and had a great time. Adam especially loved it - I think because he is a little older - he really took to the whole idea of skiing. Ren & Kate liked it but were ready for a nap come lunch time!

Here is Adam in the Igloo that Uncle Wa-Wa built for the kids right outside our condo!
Eric & Kate after a long morning on the bunny slope :)
Adam & Ren helped build this monster snowman - they were so proud!
This is MC, Warren, Eric and Jon (Anne is expecting, so she could not ski) Gagi & Boppie would keep the children so we could go ski for a couple hours in the afternoon and we would always stop at the village on our last run to have a couple rounds of our new favorite Beer - a good ol' FAT TIRE! It is a beer that you can only get out west (or at least that is what they told us) anyway..... we loved it, so I just had to take a picture! Cheers!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Snow Day!

Okay - I am the world's worst at this blog thing, I know! Anyway- just thought I would post some pictures from Birmingham's Snow Storm 2008 that we had about a month ago. The news people were all over it - saying we were going to get at least 6 inches of snow - they were so excited and dressed to the nines in snow gear while airing this monster storm. Needless to say we got a little dusting of snow and it lasted a few hours. The children had so much fun - Adam even grabbed a random wooden tray off the coffee table and tried to go sledding - he did not get very far - but at least he tried, right? The other child in these pictures is my niece, Townsend - I have not had a 4th child!!!. Molly is not in the pictures because she was taking a nap and the snow was gone by the time she woke up. Enjoy!